The Double Life of Véronique

The Double Life of Véronique ★★★★★

The world of The Double Life of Véronique is one created through precise additions of green, yellow, and red color palettes. It draws us into these images of emotional beauty through the lens of Sławomir Idziak's cinematography and through the lens of the characters that Kieślowski created. It's a whimsical experience, allowing us as the audience to feel the emotion of the film. I mention the emotion a lot because I think its an essential to something sticking in your mind for a remainder of you life.

The film explores themes I've always found to be incredibly fascinating, but the main thing I personally got out of it was the spiritual human condition. It's quite a comforting thing to get out of a movie. The fact that there's someone out there in the world that could share my dreams, my love, and my characteristics give me this sense of inner peace. Duality in the human soul is something I always love to see explored in art. Its something we've constantly be intrigued by. Véronique's love for the puppet maker I believe is to be another example of the spiritual connection. She feels these unexplainable feelings for him after being moved by the puppet show he put on.

The use of puppets was also incredibly impactful to me. Puppets themselves may not be alive, but we are able to give them life. I think its absolutely amazing we're able to do that, make something thats able to move people. In the context of the puppet show scene, I believe its representing the life of Weronika, aka the first act of the film. There are metaphors that made me draw comparisons to it. Véronique was so moved by it cause I feel like it was something that resonated with her inner emotions about Weronika. When consuming art, we look for something that taps into our souls, and make us feel like we're at home. To give this sense of bond with concepts we know and people that we vaguely know.

There is more I probably I could discover about this wonderful film when I revisit it in the future. So many intricate details within the use of reflections is something I only really got when the film was drawing to its close. An expressionistic masterpiece.

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