Sleeping with Other People

Sleeping with Other People ★★★★

Like, almost totes serious. SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE almost makes better use of DAVID BOWIE's MODERN LOVE than FRANCES HA. So uh... fuck you, Leslye Headland! ♥ ♥ #ALISONBRIEyes.

This Noodle salad is probably among the most mainstream IFC releases you'll ever see. Definitely more sexually explicit and raunchy than the romantic comedy norm (though no actual nudity besides revealing Brie lingerie butt, lol). Could be a bone fide box office hit if marketed properly. The world has been desperately missing a great romantic comedy lately, well here we go. Despite the third act dragging a bit, I ABSOLUTELY ADORED THIS.

Like an art house No Strings Attached, but with more edge. It's also the best romantic sex comedy since NO STRINGS ATTACHED (high praise from me, indeed) thanks to the pitch-perfect chemistry between Alison Brie and Jason Sudekisis + their supporting cast, and a really savvy script. It’s also wonderfully shot (a boat scene among my favorite shots of 2015), continues the trend of Adam Scott only being able to grow weird villainous facial hair, and finally a scene stealing role for Jason Mantzoukas.

It’ll also begin a new breed of #ALISONBRIESEXYGIFS. You could probably generate at least 509 quality ones.

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