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  • Ladius



    Quarantine: Day 52

    Another 80s anime to throw into the bargain bin, not great but not bad either. If I caught this on TV it would be great background noise, work on something that doesn't require too much focus and take a peek from time to time. Oh and the mechs. Nothing special.

    Already forgetting everything as I type this.

    ---Operation Blu-Rei---
    [Rei shopping for all the Blu people]

    Our main guy Riot kicking ass with his dark blue hair…

  • Corpse Party: Missing Footage

    Corpse Party: Missing Footage


    Quarantine: Day 52

    When that bath scene happened after the intro I was like shit you for real guys, I'm out. It's mainly just the cast from Corpse Party being normal before they enter the Twilight Zone. I agree with everyone saying it should've been packed with the OVA series.

    ---Operation Blu-Rei---
    [Rei shopping for all the Blu people]

    Ayumi Shinozaki has long pale darkish blue hair styled into two pigtails.

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  • Godzilla



    Quarantine: Day 50

    Holy Shit! Did you see that?

    -Random Soldier #13

    What Gareth Edwards did here was nothing short of amazing. Rewatched this after binging over 30 Godzilla films and none of them have even come close to showing the grand scale of Godzilla the way this film does. He truly feels alive and part of this world. A force of nature.

    The HALO jump scene, talk about iconic, this alone made me want to buy a copy wayyyyy…

  • The Wolf of Wall Street

    The Wolf of Wall Street


    Always loved Leo since seeing him in Titanic as a kid but never truly appreciated his greatness until watching this. Same goes Scorsese. That drugged out sequence where his crawling on the ground like an earthworm was art in its purest form.