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  • Stemple Pass

    Stemple Pass


    A definitive horror film. Walden as much psychological background and landscape as it maps out the dualism of rustic calm and solipsistic radicalism inherent in Ted Kaczynski’s twisted yet remarkably coherent diaries. The static shots of the seasons in Stemple Pass evince an intensification of the temporal, cyclical banality of a rebel, whose place both outside of urban conformist society and within the woods of an equally uncaring nature ultimately gives way to implosion. To be gifted with the capacity for…

  • A Mermaid in Paris

    A Mermaid in Paris


    Whimsical and generally an incoherent checklist of romance tropes. Ten-year-old me might’ve dug this.

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  • The Holy Mountain

    The Holy Mountain


    A sacred journey from the profane.

  • A Land Imagined

    A Land Imagined


    Now this was something. A dense and allegorical work, but one incredibly daring and intriguing, its many layers coming to life on the big screen.

    A refreshing new work for Singaporean cinema, an innovative and visually stunning piece. Although it’s rather impenetrable, this is ambitious and risk-taking, an echo of Only God Forgives (spiritualism, sleepless cop) tinged with social realism.

    Will see it again.