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  • A Land Imagined

    A Land Imagined


    Now this was something. A dense and allegorical work, but one incredibly daring and intriguing, its many layers coming to life on the big screen.

    A refreshing new work for Singaporean cinema, an innovative and visually stunning piece. Although it’s rather impenetrable, this is ambitious and risk-taking, an echo of Only God Forgives (spiritualism, sleepless cop) tinged with social realism.

    Will see it again.

  • The Forgotten Colours of Dreams

    The Forgotten Colours of Dreams


    Death, a woman in black, visits disparate characters to take them away, each in their limbo, each hesitant. Some have passed on; others are waiting to. Their existence is pure memory — of the trees, the skies, the birds, the strum of a guitar, an infinity of textures collapsed onto a single planet of the universe, a single plane.

    Enthralling would not even begin to describe this poem, a visual meditation on birth and death and everything in between. Clyde’s…