WandaVision ★★★★

With 2020 being the first year since 2009 that the MCU fans have had no new Feige spearheaded content, mostly thanks to the CO-VID induced looooong delay of Black Widow, us MCU freaks ended the year thirsty a.f. for any new content. Then, finally, WandaVision premieres to start to slake that thirst.

It starts off whimpering, leaving us enrapt, but anxious to find out what it all means and where it's gonna go, how it's gonna end. The why's and how's and what's are stacked so high and large that even by the end of the first episode we'd sell our first born to get to the next one.

WandaVision starts off on a slow build because of this. The first two episodes upon first viewing are so frustrating to sit through knowing they're going to end without an inkling of just what the hell is going on. I admit by the end of episode 2 I was starting to feel kind of let down because with so much anticipation for anything new to the MCU, I personally felt like this should be much bigger. More action, less sitcomy hi-jinx. But the eps kept rolling out, with more and more questions arising and not a single answer to be had about anything, anywhere. From episode 3 to 7 we get a mixture of both. Some answers, more questions, etc.

The final 2 episodes are huge. Epic. They feel fully like an MCU event. It took some time to get here, but much like an anxiously awaited package, it arrives and we just jump up and down at the excitement of it all.

But while jumping up and down, we realize the MCU is pulling a huge STAY TUNED to us watching. Soooo many threads are left dangling. So many tantalizing little nuggets thrown our way. I honestly cannot count on both hands the number of things left open to be addressed in future installments. And that is probably the most jaw dropping, yell at the t.v., wonder to the heavens "just what the hell am I supposed to do now" that has ever happened in cinematic history. It would be insulting if it weren't so goddamn exciting.

I cannot wait for Doctor Strange In The Multi-Verse of Madness and Spider-Man: No Way Home. The day those are released will be truly glorious days for us thirstier then ever fans.

I really look forward to watching this season again knowing what I now know.

P.S. Paul Bettany is a vision. I couldn't care less about him showing up in any role, but now I want to watch anything he's in.

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