Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★½

An awe-inspiring work! I'll be fully honest, I don't know if I can quite get behind the absurd level of hype this has generated. But at the end of the day, we go to the movies to see something we haven't seen before, something we can't see in the world we live in, something new. And while I may not be 'all the way there' on it, this film did provide me with a truly one of a kind experience. And for that, I think it deserves about as much praise as I can give it. So here we go! When I say 'truly one of a kind', I don't exaggerate. This thing is WILD. If you think you know the extent of how bonkers this film is, you don't. We start off relatively modest but it doesn't take long for this thing to cement itself as one of the most zany pieces of filmmaking I can even imagine, doing so in the most charming way possible. For something with a budget of no more than $25 million dollars, the heights that this thing achieves on a technical level is astonishing. The VFX work is staggering, a true marvel to see on the big screen. The action design and choreography, the shot selection, the iridescent colors; everything from a technical perspective is, like I said, astonishing. And I'll just say it, this might be the best edited film I've ever seen. Whether it's making the action incredibly engaging, submerging the viewer in the infinite possibilities of this film's multiverse, cutting from ridiculous image to ridiculous image, or my personal favorite, the constantly shifting aspect ratios (which were just so cool, only adding to each frame feeling like something new); this movie never failed to blow me away with it's editing. I also thought the writing was really great. It totally leans into the silliness but also brings in some potent emotion when it needs to, especially as the film comes to a close. More on that later. Next up, the acting. What a great cast this film has! Michelle Yeoh is SO GOOD in the lead. Her character goes on such a beautiful journey in the movie and the effect said journey has had on so many people, including myself, wouldn't be possible without a stellar performance in the lead. Thankfully, Michelle Yeoh completely owns every second of this movie. The screen presence she carries is just irresistible! Also irresistible in this is Ke Huy Quan who is unbelievably good! Just like Yeoh, his character gets a ton of fantastic emotional beats, all of which he nailed. That fanny pack fight absolutely rocked, just thought I should put that out there. But the whole cast is awesome, with basically everybody stealing a scene or two. Man, what a movie! With the instant classic, world-shattering status that this thing instantly garnered, it was going to take a lot for this to meet my expectations and I can pretty much say that it did. I don't think I love this quite as much as so many people do, a few aspects of it didn't fully have me and I think I may need a rewatch, but this is still one of what I would consider to be the defining movies of the 2020's so far. A film so unashamedly wild and crazy, yet so emotionally tender to the point that I found myself close to tears as it came to an end. Cool movie! Nice job Daniels!

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