Lady Bird ★★★★★

"mom, you're giving me an eating disorder..... i wish i could get an eating disorder"

when i was younger my mom used to criticize my body all the time, and the way i would dress "not according to my body". that got to the point that i actually told a friend i wish i had an eating disorder so that i would be able to control my hunger urges. 

the scene in which she is smoking pot, and says its not working, as @iaratesolin said, its our damn group smoking, always.

the relationship she has with her mom is so so gorgeous; even tho her mom can be very rude, annoying or whatever, she cares, and she cares a lot. when they go see houses they will never afford, i want to do that with my mom. 

i think every teenager can relate at least to one aspect of this movie. its realistic, its cute and so god damn relatable. it makes us teenagers feel "normal", valid.

this movie, will never ever get old; in fact, each time i re watch it my love gets more intense, it get to my heart deeper and deeper in so many different ways. greta gerwig, please marry me.

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