Your Name. ★★★★

“There’s no way we could meet. But one thing is certain. If we see each other, we’ll know. That you were the one who was inside me. That I was the one who was inside you"

makoto singhai is a king. the animation is an 11/10, and he achieved to make the audience, or at least myself, feel almost as much frustration, sadness, emptyness, as taki and mitsuha go through throughout the movie. 

its that feeling you get when you cant remember things clear, and the desperation to think hard in order to bring those memories back makes it even harder. but people, feelings, memories, come back to your life when you stop searching for it, at least consciously. 

it is becoming physically impossible to me to make this review go any further as my face is filled up with tears and im only hurrying to write this because of my friend who made me watch it; ps Sofi i really hate you right now, and love you at the same time. 

fuck men this movie is so powerful, charged with emotions i cant. also i finished it less than 10 minutes ago and im already rewatching it bye