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This review may contain spoilers.

The slow burn of realizing that Emma Stone betrayed us as much as she betrayed Sarah and the Queen, with her cute ears and wide eyes, was painful most of all, and she deserves to nonsexually rub the queens legs until the end of her days.
Stray Thought 1: the ending of this movie was more uncomfortable than anything I think I’ve experienced ever. If you’re gonna be gay and crying in front of a fireplace at least play some Sufjan Stevens to cheer us up.
Stray Thought 2: “uhh I dunno the rental shop threw in this fisheye lens into our kit, guess we should try to throw it in a couple of times to make it worth it.”
Stray Thought 3: my boyfriend texted me the next day to ask "Is it homophobic to say the queen’s sex scenes grossed me out" and my response was "I hope not because I agree"