Do Revenge

Do Revenge ★★★½

A clever love letter to the 80s and 90s high school movies. A mix of Heathers, Clueless & Mean Girls. Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke (😍😍) are brilliant together, their chemistry are off the charts. Austin Abrams is absurdly great playing against type pulling off playing a devilish d-bag. I love seeing Talia Ryder and one of my queens Sarah Michelle Gellar coming back to the screen!! I love the soundtrack, too. I wasn’t a fan of the twist because it ultimately messed up the great rhythm this was having and there was some back and forth going towards the end that also prevented from making it a great movie. Still, I liked it. It’s got that snappy dialogue and some one-liners that for sure will turn out to be iconic same with Mendes, Hawke & Abrams’ performances. It’s got enough sass, heart, memorable characters and laughs that could turn out to be a teen classic in the future.

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