Eternals ★★★★

Come on, this was great. It’s MCU’s most ambitious and certainly different than anything they’ve offered up to this point which is why I liked it. Also, Chloé Zhao & the cast is among the biggest reasons why this works. Of course this is Zhao’s weakest effort, it’s MCU, there’s going to be that MCU humor, they won’t let the best filmmakers use their WHOLE repertoire & they didn’t let her bring her usual cinematographer Joshua James Richards but at the very least and thankfully, they left her alone for the most part. She did a great job and everything she could do without her fully using everything from her tool box.

The very talented cast does their job very well. I would say Kumail Nanjiani, Brian Tyree Henry & Salma Hayek did better than the others, they were the ones that stood out for me. Gemma Chan is gorgeous AF as usual and continues to show she has that star presence. Salma Hayek had one of heck of year in 21’ and she continues to show she’s among the queens of beauty at her age. Angelina Jolie is in easily her most stunning & badass role to date since Salt, even though I wish we saw her kick more butt like back in the day which is my only minor complaint of the misuse of her character, i’ll let it pass this time because she did a decent job in this.

Aside from a couple awful CGI moments in the beginning, it’s gorgeously-stunning. It’s never boring throughout it’s very long running-length. I was interested and engaged throughout with the characters and story. Some of the jokes mostly land from Nanjiani & Henry. It’s a great & pretty underrated MCU flick.

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