Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza ★★★★★

First of all, Alana has sick driving skills. I wish I had her gift. Lol dang. Yeah, PTA’s love letter to film. This was a beauty. Like QT’s Once Upon a Time In Hollywood (with the exception of the violence and different styles of course) it’s so chill, hilarious, sharply-written, brilliantly-directed and acted along with a bangin’ jukebox. It’s a classic coming-of-age movie.

Alana Haim impresses in her film debut, she has some serious screen presence and her acting is natural as heck. She’s also hilarious as heck. Love the scenes with her real family lol. Same goes with Cooper Hoffman who resembles his GOAT father, may not have the same acting style but he kills it with his own style and also has that charming presence already at a very young age. He also was very funny. Bradley Cooper although not in this enough, makes sure he leaves his mark here as he’s gut-busting hilarious in this same goes for Harriet Sansom Harris & John Michael Higgins.

This isn’t among PTA’s best (obviously i’m going to revisit this many times & I might likely move this up in the rankings) but that doesn’t mean is a bad thing, he’s made so many masterpieces that even this masterpiece is going to be ranked #6 in my PTA ranked list lol. It’s such a lovely, hilarious & very chill movie.

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