Mulholland Drive ★★★★½

First David Lynch movie i've seen and I got to say he makes a very mind-messing, very creepy, crazy & imagirey film in Mulholland Drive. I heard that's his trademark: makes a nonsensical, very crazy, dreamy yet brilliant films. If that's how he is, then he might have gain another fan in me, i'm all in for these types of movies. Naomi Watts is OUTSTANDING as the girl from a small-town in Canada who goes to Hollywood to become an actress, Naomi is such a good actress that she just seems to fit in almost every role she's given to. Twists & turns, creepy and intense complex 2nd half and well-directed by Lynch. I liked this CRAZY of a movie that makes me want to go ahead and watch his other work immediately, this was great stuff.

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