Skyfall ★★★★½

Sam Mendes takes over which means Roger Deakins & Thomas Newman comes along with him. Making this the most gorgeous-looking one of the bunch. Daniel Craig gives his 2nd best performance after Casino Royale in the series. Judi Dench goes out with a bang & sadly, an end to her remarkable run as M. Javier Bardem as Silva is the most haunting Bond villain ever. We get introduced to Naomie Harris (who wastes no time filling in & kills it) as the new Moneypenny, Ben Winshaw as the new Q & Ralph Fiennes as the next M.

Most will say this is the best Bond movie but I still think it falls a little short to claiming that title, I just love Casino Royale too much as I think that’s the most well-rounded & best of the franchise so far. But this one comes very close.

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