The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★★★★

Dang!!!! This almost comes close to taking CODA’s crown as the best movie of 2021. I’m astonished by this. It’s also the best written film of ‘21 alongside Mass thanks to Eskil Vogt & Joachim Trier’s very thoughtful, tremendous, insightful & razor-sharp script they set up for the actors to work with and SUCCESSFULLY with their acting talents, act their butt off and gives us some of the most authentic dialogues exchanges in recent memory. Renate Reinsve who’s like a Norwegian Dakota Johnson (❤️😍) gives a ridiculously breathtaking performance full of natural charisma that’s so vulnerable that will knock your socks off. She should’ve easily been nominated for this. Either way, it’s a star-making performance that i’m sure we’ll see more of her in the future, she’s an absolute beast who’s so charismatic, beautiful and has the look of a leading lady who’s going to star in a bunch of movie vehicles going forward. Anderson Danielson Lie is someone i’ve seen in a couple movies prior to this and man, he pours his heart in this from the get-go. This is the best i’ve seen from him in the brief time i’ve seen him. His scenes with Reinsve are acting at it’s finest. His final moments with her are devastating and heartbreaking, just a truly masterful performance. Even if he’s completely overshadowed by Renate Reinsve & Anderson Danielson Lie, Herbert Nordrum is great himself. He has this very calm, quiet presence that I liked. The chemistry between him & Reinsve is so good especially when they first meet at the wedding.

This has a sneaky great soundtrack, they are a lot of awesome tunes in the jukebox. The score. Some great editing. The directing. Joachim Trier makes something truly something special in “The Worst Person in the World.” It’s a funny, exquisite, devastating & heartbreaking instant classic that rightfully deserved all the love that it got. Watched on Hulu.

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