• The Summit of the Gods

    The Summit of the Gods


    Oh my God, what an emotional, gut-wrenching, powerful, gorgeous, intense, inspiring & amazing feature. That’s about the best way I can describe experiencing this. I hope somehow the Oscars recognize this, it’s one of the very best films of ‘21.

  • The House

    The House


    Very creative & unique stuff! I liked the first story, thought the second was interesting but by far the least engaging & weakest one out of all of them and loved the final one. It’s a great dark anthology comedy with some scary, bizarre & creepy bits in it. Gorgeous animation as well. Reminded of what Wes Anderson would make if he told creepy, dark tales rather than his hysterical quirky ones lol

  • When the Sun Sets

    When the Sun Sets

    It certainly is a very important subject but this was ugly, ugly, ugly. I’m all for melodrama, i’m a sucker for it but this was too much plus this was very bland until the very melodramatic finale. I couldn’t get fully emotionally invested with this at all. Gosh, I feel so terrible saying this but I didn’t feel anything watching this with the exception of the finale but everything leading up to it wasn’t engaging at all which made it…

  • Bergman Island

    Bergman Island


    A rock-solid, wonderfully-written & charming film with lovely performances from Vicky Krieps, Mia Wasikowksa & Tim Roth. I’ve only seen Persona but this is the year i’m going to push myself and try my best to catch up on Ingmar Bergman’s other movies, the ones that are available via through Netflix by mail & streaming at the very least.

  • Band of Brothers

    Band of Brothers


    If this doesn’t make you cry, I don’t know what does! The 9th episode “Why We Fight” & the ending always hits me so hard 😔🥺😭

  • Hotel Transylvania: Transformania

    Hotel Transylvania: Transformania


    Wow, shocker. Even without Genndy Tartakovsky & Adam Sandler’s presence, this turned out to be okay. Some of the cast did decide to come back to their characters and Brian Hull does an admirable job filling in Sandler’s shoes. I laughed quite a few times. Kids will love it.

  • A Devil in The Pocket

    A Devil in The Pocket


    Oh wow, speechless. Just stunning.

  • Eternals



    Come on, this was great. It’s MCU’s most ambitious and certainly different than anything they’ve offered up to this point which is why I liked it. Also, Chloé Zhao & the cast is among the biggest reasons why this works. Of course this is Zhao’s weakest effort, it’s MCU, there’s going to be that MCU humor, they won’t let the best filmmakers use their WHOLE repertoire & they didn’t let her bring her usual cinematographer Joshua James Richards but at the very…

  • The Tragedy of Macbeth

    The Tragedy of Macbeth


    I’m not a Shakespeare guy, I can’t understand the words nor what they’re saying but I don’t mind so this is exactly what I expected from Joel Coen’s (no Ethan to tag along this time) new movie (despite the 🔥 teasers & trailers) to turn out. It’s beautifully-shot by DP Bruno Delbonnel. Denzel Washington, Frances McDormand, Corey Hawkins & everyone else’s performances across the board are great. Loving the production design & costumes. Carter Burwell’s score is great as well. I appreciate that…

  • Ray Donovan: The Movie

    Ray Donovan: The Movie


    Ties up everything well and while, it’s not the home-run I was looking for, it’s a solid conclusion to one of the most underrated shows in recent memory. Thank you to David Hollander, Showtime, Liev Schreiber, Jon Voight, Eddie Marsan, Dash Mihok, Paula Malcomson, Pooch Hall, Kerris Dorsey & everyone else who is/was involved for giving me 7 wonderful seasons and a movie that thankfully got it’s deserved ending that it should’ve gotten in the first place.

  • The Resort

    The Resort

    This made me laugh. It’s one of those so bad, so funny movies. But here’s the thing: I didn’t hate it as much as the next person. It’s still very bad, has amateur filmmaking & the acting is poor though I dug Michael Vlamis, he had the funniest lines (unintentional or not) & he seemed to be only one knowing what the movie was going for. Brock O’Hurn looking & sounding like Jason Momoa. Both Bianca Haase & Michelle Randolph were just great to…

  • Fresh Fish

    Fresh Fish


    Great jokes, wonderful animation & another hit from Tex Avery!