Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★★

So patient, elegant, and truthful in its depiction of love as it is slowly bides it’s time waiting for the inevitable crescendo. Long moments of eye contact, painfully awkward silence, and those brief moments of touch that will be remembered through all of its little intricacies. With the person you love you will remember every detail, every inflection and gesture as if you’re painting a picture in you’re mind. 

The true nature of love hasn’t been depicted as strong as it is here and while I don’t feel as if I’ve ever experienced love on this level I now know this is what it is. The lingering shots, acting so fantastic you forget it is what they’re trained to do and raging waves/fires that reflect the intensity of the love between the two titular characters.

Endlessly beautiful and mesmerizing as true love itself. I’m blown away at the incredible filmmaking put on display here and everyone involved deserves all the accolades they could possibly receive.

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