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  • Concessions


    Was invited to a test screening of one of my most anticipated pictures of the year, watched a 4 hour workprint.

    There are some subplots that I won't go too far into because I assume they'll be excised in the final cut, but I was truly revolted by a sequence where director Mas Bouzidi appears in a cameo so atrocious it makes Quentin Tarantino look like Daniel Day Lewis. He sports a custom made t-shirt with the words "Woody Allen…

  • Avvai Shanmugi

    Avvai Shanmugi


    this along with panchatanthiram are very clearly the work of a man who has gone through many messy break-ups, projecting his own relationships onto the screen, turning himself into a devoted father who can't get a break, while having to deal with his bitchy wife who doesn't appreciate how good of a husband she has. even ignoring the strong misogyny here, meena's character is one of the most poorly written i've seen, not a single motivation she has makes any sense.

    flaws aside, this is one of kamal's best performances (among many), the supporting cast is stacked, it's consistently hilarious, and the dialogue is incredible

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