The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★½

[foghorn blasts]

i didn't see this in theaters because it wasn't playing near me and i was too lazy to go out far to see it. i'm going to regret this decision forever, i think.

this movie is amazing. it's gorgeous and terrifying and funny and horny and delirious and engrossing and exhilarating. it's like if the stark and bleak claustrophobia/isolationism of THE SHINING + PERSONA had a baby with the manic energy of POSSESSION. The two leads give some of the best performances i've seen all of last year (pattinson is one of the best actors working today!!!!!). their chemistry was great too, i wanna see a buddy cop movie w/ dafoe and pattinson.

this is also one of the best looking movies of the decade. it looks like it was filmed in 1939 and i mean this in the best way possible.

i can't stop thinking about this. there was so many layers to it and subtext and all that other good stuff, gonna need to see this *at least* 15 more times to catch everything that flew over my head.

overall this is one of the best movies of the 2010s, i loved every minute of it, i think there were like 5 different occasions where i forgot to breathe. and on top of that willem dafoe farts a lot too which was def a bonus

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