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  • Mary Poppins Returns

    Mary Poppins Returns


    Enjoyable. But, doesn’t have the same charm as the 60s’ original film. The songs also aren’t as catchy nor as good, & I felt that a lot of the movie was missing something. The production work, in terms of the set design & animation, was pretty good. I also liked the ending, & the casting. Their performances overall, were also quite good. I know Julie didn’t want to, but it would’ve been cool if she also cameoed in this like Mr. Van Dyke.

    — 8/10.

  • Cargo



    Great little Australia zombie flick. Really enjoyed this much more than I expected to. Martin is amazing in this, along with Simone Landers. Definitely in the style of The Walking Dead in terms of survivor drama. I feel that it brought something fresh to the realm of zombie movies – from the Zombies themselves, to the storyline. It also utilised the vastness of the Aussie outback, where I enjoyed the scenery amongst the blood and guts. It was also a heartwrenching movie at times.

    — 9/10.

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  • The Irishman

    The Irishman

    I'm just gonna call it out already. A mob film directed by Martin Scorsese (one of my ALL TIME fave directors), starring De Niro, Pesci and FINALLY Al Pacino (like omg! fuhgeddaboudit, you motherfucker, you!), is about to be the best thing ever, since sliced, fucking, bread! I just know it. The year is 2017 (even though it's been announced since a million years ago lol), and I can already forsee that this is going to be a glorious freakin' masterpiece.

    — 10/10 (yep).

  • Serpico



    Mostly enjoyable film. Pacino as always, great! The beard was on point too haha. Believe it or not, corruption is everywhere, no matter how big or small – cop departments, schools, politicians – this movie is quite relateable for me to a degree. While corruption is everywhere, it is not until we experience it first hand, that it then hits us that these kinds of things truly happen. Since it's based on a true story – well done Serpico, you legend. We need more people like you! 

    — 8/10.