The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★½

this really isn't a happy movie at all. it's bleak, disturbing, miserable, but it definitely works to its advantages.

it stylizes itself as an acted out version of a novel, hence why the narration plays such a big role in the film's structure. however, with each new character established and linked together in some genius way, the film finds itself pulling the viewer into the atmosphere and the world. an old town filled with terrible people, with one good person connecting them all.

fantastic acting all around. Robert Pattinson's performance genuinely makes you hate the character, Tom Holland played a solid protagonist, and Sebastian Stan's performance really ended the film in an unexpected and thought provoking way.

the ending could have multiple different ways to look at it, but the way i believe it to be is that everybody repeats the actions of the previous generation. we're raised on certain principles that pass through generations even if we're told they're bad. the presence of those principles leads to the inspiration of what creates a terrible society, and that's what brings the film together.