Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★

File under Inscrutable Allegory Coens, alongside "A Serious Man" and "Barton Fink", about as unsatisfying and pretentious as the former but nowhere near as compelling and thought-provoking as the latter. From the Coens cookbook, expect a sprinkling of amusing deadpan humor, a reverently curated period soundtrack (it's not quite "O Brother Where Art Thou" good, but well done all the same), a couple of colorful cameos by veteran character actors (John Goodman and F. Murray Abraham in this case), but also, unfortunately, a very bitter, unforgiving story of an asshole's perpetually bad karma, which, however much you might be able to read into it subtextually, I just never find very edifying myself. Mostly I was just happy to see Oscar Isaac get a proper break-out project; otherwise, this is minor Coen Bros.

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