The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★

The most formulaic and redundant type of movie that Shane Black could possibly make after his "Lethal Weapons", "The Last Boy Scout", "The Long Kiss Goodnight", and especially "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang", but criticisms of coasting on past glory are moot when repurposed with this much flavor and panache. Gosling reminds us of his crackling, unpredictable magnetism, while Crowe reminds us why he's a movie star (feels like it's been a while since we've seen him do such good work). Not just for the casting, but this is your light-hearted version of "L.A. Confidential".

With regards to how breezy, funny with both the deadpan wisecracks and the slapstick, invitingly stylish, and enormously endearing it is, I foresee this becoming a regular viewing staple in my future and a go-to pick-me-up selection. Please never stop making movies like this, Mr. Black

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