Your Name.

Your Name. ★★★★½

The best "Freaky Friday" iteration, no question (all due respect to the Jodie Foster/Barbara Harris movie and the Lindsay Lohan/Jamie Lee Curtis remake; not so much to "Like Father Like Son", "Vice Versa", "18 Again", the Shelley Long/Gaby Hoffman one, etc.). What other body-swapping yarn employs time travel, has the two people falling in love with each other, and oh yeah is so beautifully animated it takes your breath away? People say it echoes the cruddy Nicholas Sparks brand too much to really merit high marks; yeah right, any Sparks movie wishes it had even an ounce of "Your Name."'s invention and artistry. Director Makoto Shinkai's style is slick and poppy at times, for sure, but his glimmering world and starry-eyed idealism earn our swoons, tears, and wonderment.

Comprised of endearing characters, nuanced writing, a love story sewn with all the yearning and sentiment of the finest that have come along, a satchel of memorable climactic moments, and I cannot stress this enough, just radiant, dazzling, art museum-worthy design and art work from the urban sprawls to the country towns to the color blends of the skies (I think if it had been marketed better, it would definitely have been easier on the eyes for American audiences than most anime, even Miyazaki, given the computer animation blending that crisps every shot, not to mention the thorough care that went into enhancing each cel's clarity and complexity), it's a supernatural teen romantic comedy/drama that actually qualifies as great cinema. And no "for anime fans" asterisk required. This should enchant anybody and everybody.

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