Jupiter Ascending ★★½

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This is the third time I've watched this Jupiter Ascending and I still have so many questions. Redmayne wants to kill Mila Kunis because she looks like his mum??? Where can I get Channing Tatum's flying shoes??? Channing Tatum is a dog??? Sean Bean is a bee??? Bees can sense royalty??? The other guy wants to marry Mila Kunis because she's his mum??? How could they say all these ridiculous lines without starting to laugh all the time??? Why is Redmayne even uglier than usually??? Where can I get the wedding dress??? Did Mila even do anything except falling all the time??? What is going on??? I LOVE DOGS??? HOW DID THIS MOVIE GET GREENLIT??? WHAT WERE THE WACHOWSKIS THINKING??? WHY DO I LIKE JUPITER ASCENDING SO MUCH??? I WANT A SEQUEL - NOW!!!

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