Knives Out ★★★½

Knives Out is a fun popcorn movie (hence the high rating) but the more I think about it the more it annoys me how badly written it is. I honestly can't imagine myself enjoying it on a rewatch because once you know the twist there isn't much left. This isn't even about already knowing what happened – there are some episodes of Midsomer Murders I've seen so many times I can quote them – it's just that the rest of it isn't very interesting. I keep seeing people praise the script but apart from Marta none of the characters are fleshed out in any way, which is a shame because you have all these kooky characters that could be so entertaining but never become more than the stereotypes they're introduced as. Because once what supposedly happened to Harlan Thrombey is revealed early on the rest of the characters are quickly cast aside to focus on Marta instead of spending any more time on exploring the rest of the family – the only exception being them quickly turning on her once they're on the brink of losing everything and showing their true colours after repeatedly telling her they're seeing her as part of the family. Even the race and class element that comes into play here ultimately stays as half-baked as much of the script and never goes as far as it could and is often used as a comic relief when it comes to nobody being able to remember which country Marta's family comes from or when the son being a nazi is treated as a quirky personality trait. You'd really think that with a runtime like this and a story that isn't exactly complicated there would be enough time to actually explore the characters and their motivations and make them actual people.

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