Loro ★½

To be honest, I'm not really sure what to do with this movie. In general I do like Sorrentino's style – although I couldn't tell you a single thing that happened in any of his movies because none of them left more than a fleeting impression – but here it is the main reason why I'm having a hard time to understand what he's trying to say – or if he even wants to make a point.

There are maybe three scenes in these 145 minutes with some depth and even they don't go far enough to offer some kind of criticism. Sure, a woman at one of his parties calls Berlusconi embarrassing for acting like he's a young man, for hanging out with women who are 50 years younger than him, but in the end does it even matter? He talks about this moment again later but instead of exploring it more closely, Sorrentino wastes most of the movie showing all corners of Berlusconi's vast estate, from the volcano to the sheep's tiny castle.

As I mentioned earlier I generally like Sorrentino's style but in this case I outright hated it because weather he intended to or not it ultimately celebrates and glorifies Berlusconi and his parties. I'm used to male-gazey cinematography but the way some moments at the parties were shot was on another level. And it certainly doesn't help that Loro never tries to look behind the facade.

The ending was probably the thing that bothered me the most about Loro. It seemed like the only time Sorrentino genuinely tried to make a point except it's in such a stark contrast to the rest of the 2.5 hours that it seemed like an afterthought and did nothing but leave a bad taste in my mouth.

At first I considered watching the original version – two 100 minute movies – but after sitting through 2.5 hours of nothing I'm wondering what I could possibly have missed considering there were already so many filler scenes in this version that it could have easily been cut down to 90 minutes without leaving out anything even remotely important.

When his wife finally leaves him she calls his life staged, and ultimately that's all the movie is too. It's stylish and glossy but ultimately it never goes deep enough to say anything.