mother! ½

At first I thought about writing BULLSHIT a hundred times but then I realised that I'm way too angry to not talk about Mother!.

In hindsight that damn exclamation mark and the way it appeared on screen should have been a warning sign. The way the title - and with it the exclamation mark is sitting there between two of the worst moments of the movie bothers me even more now than I did while watching it. Throughout the movie I suspected that these two scenes - or rather a single shot and one scene - weren't just there to set the mood, but at the same time I thought it was impossible that somebody would spoil his own movie before anything even happened by putting the defining moments of Mother! right at the beginning. But of course he did.

It really pains me to say this as an Aronofsky apologist - I even liked Noah and even though I've had a difficult relationship with Black Swan over the years I still like to revisit it from time to time - but Mother! might be the worst movie I've ever seen. Not just the worst Aronofsky movie or the worst movie of the year but in general. The worst. After the first reviews I knew that I would either love or hate Mother! but I didn't expect this.

What I don't understand about Mother! is how it got made the way it is. There must be so many people who read the script before they started shooting and you'd think at least one of them would have called Aronofsky and asked him if some of the many terrible decisions he made may not be the best idea. They could at least have tried to explain subtlety to him or how to use symbolism properly.

Maybe instead of going on about how much I hated Mother! I should finally talk about the reasons for it. Apart from the terrible beginning the movie doesn't really have any redeeming qualities. For a while I was hoping that it would get better at some point but somewhere between Ed Harris' and Domhnall Gleeson's arrivals I gave up and thought about leaving every few minutes. The premise was already a huge issue for me because while having intruders in your house who won't stop bothering you might make for a good nightmare now and then, it's not exactly something I need to see in a 2 hour movie, especially if the main character reacts the way Jennifer Lawrence's character did. For a long time it was really frustrating to watch Mother! because I wanted to punch all those people and yell at them and she didn't barely even tried to make them leave just because her shitty husband wanted them to stay.

After the woman - who, like everyone else, doesn't have a name because who needs names when you have metaphors - gets pregnant everything quickly spirals out of control and the more shocking the movie is trying to be the worse it gets until it climaxes in a scene so bad it couldn't exist in any other year than 2017. And then, after all the suffering when it was finally over it began anew and my worst fears became reality.

As for the symbolism, if you literally show in your first scene how everything is connected and what keeps everything alive it really isn't necessary to emphasise it several times throughout the movie. We get it. The same goes for the whole the artist as god situation that is going on, I'm pretty sure everyone would have noticed this even without him standing in the light like a saint.

I'm sure Mother! is going to find its audience somewhere, although I personally can't see any redeeming qualities, but I doubt I'll ever watch it again because no matter how much I like rewatching bad movies even I have some standards.