Piercing ★★★★

To be honest I was a bit sceptical after watching the trailer but there's something about Piercing that fascinates me so much and it ended up blowing me away just like the book did some months ago and it really makes me wonder if maybe my first impression of Nicolas Pesce was wrong and if maybe I should give The Eyes of My Mother a second chance.

It's just so much fun to see Reed and Jackie play their fucked up games with each other and I appreciate that Pesce didn't try to add more context to it than what was absolutely necessary. The whole "90 minutes or less is the perfect runtime" thing is getting old by now but Piercing proves that there is some truth to it. The runtime is probably one of the main reasons why it works so well because dragging it out any longer probably would have destroyed the movie's incredible intensity and the ending is just perfection.

Also, I just love how Piercing is in its own world, somewhat detached from reality and impossible to locate in a specific time. In a way it's like a horror movie set in the city from Isle of Dogs, at least that's what the buildings reminded me of. That and Guy Maddin's Accidence. Even if I hadn't already loved the story the shots of the buildings alone would have been enough for me to like this movie. And don't even get me started on the production design. There are pretty much only two rooms that matter – the hotel room and Jackie's apartment – but I'm absolutely obsessed with their style. The beautiful brown wood in the hotel room paired with the blue sofa and yellow books looks just incredible and then there's Jackie's red and black flat which is just a dream.

And then there's Mia Wasikowska who I loved for years but when I don't see her in anything for a while I tend to forget how incredible she is and then she just blows me away with performances like this one. I mean Christopher Abbott is good too and pretty much the perfect choice for that role but as soon as Mia is on screen she just takes over like her character and it's impossible to take my eyes off of her.