Satantango ★★½

0:00 Okay, let's do this. I wonder how long it's gonna take me until I regret to watch the entire movie in one sitting and if I'm going to fall asleep at some point because it was already difficult to stay awake during Werckmeister Harmonies.

0:25 I always felt like Béla Tarr's movies are what people are talking about when they say they don't like European movies and/or movies with subtitles because everything is so bleak and dark and slow and it takes ages for something to happen.

0:28 Those are some very nice curtains, but are they nice enough to show them for such a long time for absolutely no reason?

0:54 I'm slowly starting to warm up to the movie although it takes quite some time to get used to Tarr's style.

0:59 "Not that human life was so highly valued. Keeping order appears to be the business of the authorities, but in fact it's the business of all. Order. Freedom, however, has nothing human. It's something divine, something... our lives are too short for us to know properly. If you're looking for a link, think of Pericles, order and freedom are linked by passion. We have to believe in both, we suffer from both. Both from order and freedom. But human life is meaningful, rich, beautiful and filthy. It links everything. It mistreats freedom only... wasting it, as if it was junk. People don't like freedom, they are afraid of it. The strange thing is there is nothing to fear about freedom... order, on the other hand, can often be frightening."

1:12 I'm really not a fan of the long takes where absolutely nothing happens because every time I'm starting to get invested in the movie they are throwing me off again.

1:26 I'm starting to wonder if the movie really had to be that long because it's not like a lot has happened in the last 20 minutes and you could have easily removed them and nothing would have changed except that I wouldn't be wondering why I thought watching Satantango would be a good idea.

2:26 "Spritzer withdrawal is a kind of murder."

2:46 CAT! Suddenly I'm awake again!

2:50 The scene with the cat is so uncomfortable to watch and it's going on forever. This is the closest I've come to giving up and just watching something else.

3:40 While I doubt that this is gonna turn into a 5 star movie I think I deserve 5 stars for sitting through it.

3:52 So how long are they gonna keep on dancing? I mean it's nice that they're having a good time for once but please, enough is enough. And why is the one guy balancing a bread stick on his face?

3:57 Just when I thought the dance was finally over they started all over again.

4:02 Those sleeping people.... I feel represented.

4:15 The guy who lives two houses away is singing in his garden again and I can hear him even though I'm wearing headphones.

5:06 I like Béla Tarr's imagery but it does get tiring after a while and it's definitely not enough to keep me invested for such a long time, especially when every shot goes on for ages.

5:33 At this point I only want it to be over tbh.

6:22 Béla Tarr is trying really hard to ruin long takes for me.

6:50 I had to pause to chase off a cat that tried to eat my cat's food, which was the most exciting thing that happened all day.


Bottom line: My reaction to Satantango might seem like I don't enjoy Béla Tarr's movies but I actually loved Damnation and Werckmeister Harmonies had its moments but today I came to the conclusion that the longer a Tarr movie is the more his style bothers me so I doubt that I'll sit through The Turin Horse anytime soon. Also, I can't help but wonder if I'm missing something and this is truly the greatest movie of all time or if it's just impressive because it's very long.

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