Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

Once in a lifetime, particularly Byrne repeatedly singing same as it ever was, hits differently 11 months into the pandemic when every day is exactly the same and time stopped being real a long time ago. Before I would probably have said the Talking Heads are fine and I didn't have any strong feelings about them but if there's one thing that kept me going through this time and always made me happy it's their music. Rewatching this was an absolutely joyous experience, the energy is still unmatched and it just makes you want to get up and sing and dance along.
The concert itself is incredible. At times its hard to believe that it's edited from several different nights because the editing makes it seem like an entity. I also loved the way it started out with Byrne alone on stage and the other musicians joining him with every song and the sound steadily growing until the group is finally complete. The way Demme chooses to focus exclusively on the band and their music instead of including the constant audience reactions or behind the scenes moments we're so used to from modern concert movies is maybe the main reason why the movie works so well apart from the brilliant music - because there's simply nothing that takes away from the experience and you're fully immersed at any time.
God I wish I could watch this at the cinema. God I wish I could watch any movie at the cinema.

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