Us ★★★

The rabbits have escaped their cages and they are not the only ones.

Here's the thing about Us. On a technical level it's absolutely brilliant and even if my rating isn't very high it's still an absolute pleasure to watch this movie because Peele is just so good at directing horror and there are so many elements from the score to the cinematography that are absolutely perfect. My only real issue with the movie is the script and unfortunately the more I think about it the less I like it. Maybe I was overthinking it too much but even during the movie as the reason for what was happening was revealed I kept wondering if I missed a very important detail or if it just didn't make a lot of sense. I don't know, I still don't really understand the mirroring and I probably never will. Anyway, let's talk about the good stuff...

Lupita has been in so few movies since she won her Oscar that I completely forgot how brilliant she is. I don't even know how many times I had to remind myself that she was in fact playing both characters because she was just so incredible. The monologue when the other Adelaide first comes to the house and tells her story in that voice.... These are two performances for the ages and it would be a shame if she doesn't win any awards for them.

Beforehand I saw some people say that Tim Heidecker was the secret star of the movie but to be honest the less time the movie spent with him and his family the better. I mean I understand that they were necessary to show that what was happening didn't just happen to Adelaide's family but I'm so damn bored of seeing couples who hate each other in movies. Just get a divorce.

Also the final twist, I guess it's supposed to be one last cruel surprise but at the same time it's not really surprising after everything that happened. That doesn't mean that I didn't like it, I did, I just wish it had been less obvious.

I feel like this review is way too negative and I even left out some stuff but what can I do. Anyway, I loved hearing a Janelle song in the movie and it's a crime that Lupita doesn't get roles like this all the time. She should be in everything.

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