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  • Titanic



    Titanic has always held a special place in my heart and of all my favourite movies it's the one I've had the longest history with. The first time I watched the movie, or rather parts of it, must have been in the early 2000s when I visited some relatives for Christmas and my cousin and I got bored and when we turned on the TV the ship just started to sink, which was pretty scary back then. A few years…

  • Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present

    Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present

    Performance art is something I didn't understand – or even try to understand – for a long time but I never questioned whether it deserved to be called art because in my opinion you can't deny that something is art just because you don't understand or like it. I live not far away from a famous performance artist so performance art was something I always knew of growing up and even though many people around me didn't approve of his…

  • The Shape of Water

    The Shape of Water


    All it took me to fall in love with The Shape of Water was one scene. As the camera entered the hallway and made its way further into the flooded apartment until it stopped right in front of Eliza while she was slowly sinking down onto the sofa I thought two things: How did Guillermo del Toro do that, and there is no way this isn't going to become one of my favourite movies of the year.

    This first scene…

  • Happy End

    Happy End


    When I was sitting in my favourite café after Happy End, waiting for the next train, I realised something very important: Haneke loves to act out scenes for his actors. He also films everything. This means that somewhere out there there could be footage of two time Palme d'or winner Michael Haneke dancing to Chandelier. If you or someone you know ever comes into possession of this video please leak it. This has been a PSA.

    You should take this…

  • The Hills Have Eyes

    The Hills Have Eyes


    Hooptober IV – Movie #12

    Even though I'm a fan of Craven's movies The Hills Have Eyes has always been on my list of movies I don't really need to see. I know that most mid 2000s horror remakes are absolutely terrible and I shouldn't judge the original by them but after being forced to sit through both new The Hills Have Eyes movies at school I've had enough of the franchise for a while. Turns out the original wasn't…

  • The Piano Teacher

    The Piano Teacher


    My mum doesn't watch a lot of movies. We live in the middle of nowhere and the only cinema near us only shows bad comedies or action movies, genres we both don't like very much. After I was old enough to go to the theater on my own she didn't watch movies outside of our living room for almost a decade because going to Vienna just to watch a movie seemed like too much of an effort. But a few…

  • Over Your Dead Body

    Over Your Dead Body


    Rewatching Over Your Dead Body not long after The Ghost of Yotsuya was an interesting experience, not least because I was wondering how well it would hold up in comparison and how differently the two movies handled the subject matter they were based on.

    I watched the extended version (I haven't seen the theatrical cut since it came out so I don't remember how different it is) and the length is the movie's strength and weakness at the same time…

  • Freddy vs. Jason

    Freddy vs. Jason


    Hooptober IV – Movie #11

    While this whole erase Freddy from history and he won't come back thing might seem like a good idea, it's just not realistic. Apparently his last killing spree happened four years earlier which means not only were the teens from this movie alive but they were old enough to remember what happened. So even if their parents didn't talk about it there must be more than one person in the entire school who remembers Freddy.…

  • The World of Kanako

    The World of Kanako


    Hooptober IV – Movie #10

    Does anyone know why this is classified as horror? There isn't a single horror trope in this movie and if violence alone is enough to make something a horror movie then what isn't? If this is your first Nakashima you might love it but when you've seen some of his other movies and know what he's capable of (especially after watching Confessions) The World of Kanako is somewhat of a disappointment. Sure, the story is…

  • American Mary

    American Mary


    Hooptober IV – Movie #9

    Follow your dreams! Become a surgeon! Torture your rapist!

    Watching American Mary might not have been the best idea considering I couldn't even watch surgery scenes in Grey's Anatomy but I kinda expected it it be like Excision and have only one or two gross scenes. But I should have known better because of course it was worse than I anticipated. Apart from that I enjoyed most of the movie. For the longest time it's…

  • The Death King

    The Death King


    Hooptober IV – Movie #8

    Der Todesking was my fifth Buttgereit (I previously watched Nekromantik and three plays) and it was my least favourite so far. I think what makes his movies and plays so appealing for me is that once I get over how gross they are they tell some great stories. And therein lies the problem with Der Todesking. Instead of telling a single story the movie is divided in several episodes and while that makes sense for…

  • Skyfall



    Movie #23 of For Queen and Country: A Bond-A-Thon

    "To hell with dignity. I'll leave when the job's done."

    I don't know why I keep writing these even though the challenge has been over for weeks. Also, technically Skyfall is a 7/10 rating but I have to bump it up to 8 because I've rated a few Bonds higher even though they are worse than this one and I'm too lazy to go back and change all ratings. The next…