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  • Vertigo
  • The 400 Blows
  • The Magnificent Ambersons
  • Seven Samurai

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  • The Dead


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  • TINA



    There’s a moment about 20 minutes before the end of this documentary, just after a heartbreaking revelation captured on audio tape by Kurt Loder during an interview for the writing of Tina’s biography that segues into a live performance of Lennon-McCarthy’s “Help”. That moment captures the heart and soul of this film, when all the barriers between viewer and subject dissolve and a human connection is made, regardless of the time and distance. Such moments in biographical documentaries are rare. Cherish them when you see them.

  • Bombshell



    "Today and tonight will live forever in my heart. I'll lie awake all night on the pillow of its memory."
    "But you hardly know me."
    "I've known you in every ripple of moonlight I've ever seen, in every symphony I've ever heard, in every perfume I've ever smelt. Your hair is like a field of silver daisies. I'd like to run barefoot through your hair... You're just an orchid that dropped and bloomed in a swamp. I'm going to take…

Popular reviews

  • Singin' in the Rain

    Singin' in the Rain


    How many movies can you watch with a great fat silly grin on your face throughout?

  • Boyhood



    Every once in a while, actually quite rarely, a new film comes along that reminds me just how powerful the art of cinema can be. Yes, movies can be entertaining, or they can distract you from your worries for a couple of hours. Or films can be a window to a world you don't know or a mirror to one that you're all too familiar with. They can speak to universal truths and connect you emotionally to the lives of…