Straw Dogs ★★★★

I need more time with this film, but I’m going to give it a tentative rating and blurb just to get my thoughts down on “paper”.

Sam Peckinpah’s direction in this film is mindblowingly good. Every shot has purpose, and he keeps the film in this constant state of unease and suspense with how he frames the film. 

The score is deeply unsettling.

Susan George and Dustin Hoffman (as well as the rest of the cast) are fantastic in their roles. However, while watching the film, I found myself truly disliking both George and Hoffman’s characters at times. They are both assholes for different reason and rarely in a likable way. It kind of hurt my investment during the film. This might be something that changes with further thought or a rewatch.

There are times when the film feels like it drags a bit. 

Just some early thoughts. Hopefully I can come to terms with this soon for a more focused review.

Straw Dogs gets an 81/100

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