Luca ★★★★

The fact that people are claiming they can’t see the queer allegory in this film are LYING TO THEMSELVES. Luca and Alberto are made for each other and no one is ever going to convince me otherwise. I mean Christ almighty- Two boys who are different have to hide who they are in a town that won’t accept them. They are afraid of outing themselves and being who they really are. They are all over each other, and Alberto starts getting jealous when Luca spends more time with his new friend Guilietta. They sleep under the stars. They talk about running away together. THEY HUG EACH OTHER AND HOLD HANDS IN EVERY SCENE. I MEAN COME ON. YOU THINK THIS IS JUST A COINCIDENCE PEOPLE. AND TO RELEASE IT DURING PRIDE MONTH. I see you Disney/Pixar, I see you. 

Anyway, good news, I saw this while on a date. WITH A BOY. So yeah, it made this whole experience that much gayer, I mean better....NO. I mean gayer. 

Anyway. CUTE AF movie. Gorgeous animation. Super great voice acting, and a great score. Honestly just everything you’d want a movie like this to be. It’s greatness is in its simplicity. Just good vibes, charming characters, and queer coding through roof. What more could you want?

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