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  • Julieta



    Julieta is a film essentially about change and replacement, themes always materialized by characters that are constantly moving and alternating their relationships. Here, there is no time lost. The main core of the plot revolves around Juliet watching her daughter exchange her for Bea, the new friend, but also Julieta's father created an affair with the maid while her mother was mentally ill, and Xoan replaced his wife in a coma for the protagonist herself . There is almost an…

  • I'm So Excited!

    I'm So Excited!


    My experience with this film was strange since I watched it shortly after The Skin I Live In - which was also my first Almodóvar - so I was expecting something completely different. About the movie itself, I classify it as an all-or-nothing comedy, since the jokes are extremely funny or shameful, with no middle ground. I like the way the whole issue of sexuality is approached, either for its visual clarity, for its courage to make humor, but also…

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  • Shaun of the Dead

    Shaun of the Dead


    Edgar Wright is the king of sound mixing and editing, the way he does the foreshadowing of the zombie apocalypse in the early minutes of the movie is something that should be used in film schools. As a clearly comedy film, the director also have merits by creating jumpscares in banal moments that really scares, in a clear irony to the genre. For you to find this movie a work of art you have to embrace its idiocy, that is…

  • Two Lovers

    Two Lovers


    Human love relationships usually involve 3 people: A is blindly in love with B, but it isn't reciprocal, so A thinks himself as trash; but A can't see that there is a C that treats him the way he always wanted to be treated. Based on this universal premise, Two Lovers is a study of love, suffering, depression, loneliness, hope. It is, mainly, a study on how reality is able to end any illusions of a fantasy world experienced by…