The Night House

The Night House ★★★½

This was fantastic. The type of horror film to come out of a mainstream studio ever so often, that absolutely blows it out of the park with its cleverness and indie sensibility. David Bruckner is a phenomenal horror filmmaker (he’s someone to watch for sure). Rebecca Hall gave a genuine, power-house performance of a grief-riddled widow who slowly begins biting off more than she can chew when she discovers her dead husband’s dark secrets. This film had brilliant cinematography, outstanding design when it came to the “ghost” (it involves creepy morphing architecture, something that my architecture-major friends (who saw it with me) were very unnerved by). The trippy, mirrored imagery was fantastic and gave me huge House of Leaves vibes (which I love). I was a bit underwhelmed with the ending; I was expecting something a little more bleak, which unfortunately didn’t happen. Also, Bruckner seems to love ending his films very abruptly without much resolution (i.e. “The Ritual”), and I was left feeling unclear with this film’s resolution. Overall, the film was packed with great acting, interesting commentary on grief and death, and one particular jump-scare that might be one of the best i’ve ever seen. Give this one a chance. It’s weird, bleak, and not so clear-cut, but it’s sure to keep you curious and engaged the whole way through.