Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★★

Decided to rewatch coz why the hell not!

You ever just feel inexplicable joy that a movie exists? Not just that you adored it or you notice the impressive technical merits or that you can quote it word-for-word.....you just smile that this motion picture is a thing humans made and it's mere existence on your shelf or computer folder makes you feel warm inside! That you're grateful you can always return to the movie anytime you're happy or sad or bored, and it'll be there for you like the non-judgmental unconditional love of a pet. For me, Spiderverse is one of those movies: an emotionally moving, cutting edge, progressive, diverse, funny, meta, action-packed, silly, visually stunning masterpiece - eloquently described by Chris Pratt himself! This moves, feels, looks, and plays out like a comic book brought to life, no hyperbole - it might be the greatest CBM, guys! And I'm a Raimi/Nolan kinda guy!

To be honest I've had it with Spider-man discussions online (Twitter, YouTube, etc). Everyone thinks they're an authority on how Spider-man ought to be portrayed. I just want a good film first. My family and I saw the Raimi films back in the day and we appreciated the goofiness, camp and soap opera sensibilities. But I also understand there's stuff to appreciate in Garfield's and Holland's reiterations.

Spiderverse is my favourite piece of Spider-man cinema mainly because it subtly addresses all this tribalism within the fanbase. This movie metatextually says: " Screw YOUR idea of the perfect Spider-man, coz they're ALL Spider-man. There is a place for every iteration and dimension of the character on the big screen". I'm smiling even as I type this!

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