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  • Twilight



    Decided to watch this again after watching a video and reading an article about how society hates teenage girls and that’s why twilight gets hard hate that other mediocre ‘boys movies’ don’t receive. 

    Glad the filter bubble gods put this back on my radar. 

    Ngl, I enjoyed this. Friday night well spent.

  • Little Women

    Little Women


    I feel my highest highs and lowest lows when I watch this. 

    One of the things I love about this movie is how there are so many different representations of what a woman is. And each different version is no less or more than the other. Jo’s fiesty and independent spirit isn’t superior to Meg’s dream of being a wife, or Beth’s gentle ways or Amy’s wish to be wealthy. 

    They are all valid and worthy and unlike so many films, there is room for all of them to do as they wish without knocking each other down in the process.

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  • Detainment


    In terms of filmmaking, it was okay. The young actors were great.

    However, the filmmaker dramatised a story for no reason. He says that he wanted to get inside the mind of the young boys but it didn't even do that. So basically this film served no purpose other than dragging up a horrible crime without the knowledge of the family to make an average crime drama and cause a lot of people pain.
    There are many documentaries out there if people are actually interested in the case, and they serve a much better purpose than this.

    I don't know how this has been nominated.

  • Another Day of Life

    Another Day of Life

    An original documentary from start to finish.

    While I've seen docudramas before, the mix of interviews, archive footage and animation is a combo I never expected.

    For me, it really worked.