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  • Song of Avignon

    Song of Avignon


    ‪”And I sit here alone and far from you and it is night and I am reflecting on everything all around me and I am thinking of you.”‬ 

    It doesn't matter how many times I watch it, I always end up crying like a baby.

  • Bicycle Thieves

    Bicycle Thieves


    I don't think I could start this review without talking about Lamberto Maggiorani's performance. It was brilliant! Because he used to work at a factory by the time he was cast as Ricci, I can't tell where the factory worker ends and the actor begins. He was so expressive, it was all so believable that I started to feel the same way his character did. I was happy and angry and sad and desperate and ashamed just because he was.…

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  • A Nightmare

    A Nightmare

    The moon to Georges Méliès: why you so obsessed with me?