Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★½

one of, if not my final film at Regal Hamilton Commons 14, which is one of the 40'odd locations that's closing. It was the only movie theater really near me growing up. I'll never forget the nonstop empty atmosphere of that theater. when I learned it was closing I had to look to see if there was anything playing and a reissue of this was, so I decided on this cause its been a bit and admittedly my memory and opinion of it isn't as developed as it could be. the theater definitely looked like it was closing though: the space where you'd get tickets is moved to the concession stand, and everything else is just kind of empty. It was a very quiet and sad atmosphere to take in. a good number of people came but I didn't hear anyone laugh for some reason. something stupid would happen and the audience would be completely silent lmao. one thing I won't miss about this theater is it playing 1.85:1 intended movies in widescreen rooms. every goddamn fathom events thing I saw there was shown in a 2.39:1 room and it would annoy me everytime, especially when your movie goes from 1.85 to 2.39 constantly so it was both a letterboxed and pillerboxed image.

I don't like this movie much more after seeing it again but I understood the story a bit more and it flew by a lot faster than I remembered. the characters are kinda cute but that's pretty much it. I have nothing constructive to say about this anymore tbh

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