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  • Listen



    SBIFF 2021

    Listen was the first SBIFF film I wanted to see because I was so impressed with Maisie Sly (The Silent Child, 2017) performance and wanted to see her continue on this journey in her life of acting. I have to say that although this film is entirely fiction, it can, in fact happen and it does!

    The film begins on a sympathetic note, a struggling family trying to stay afloat and trying to do the best they can…

  • JosΓ©e



    Sometimes I wanted to go with you to the most distant lands. At the same time, I wanted to be trapped in my home. You and me.

    JosΓ©e is a film that will pull on your heart and never let it up. Anyone who knows anyone with a disability, or anything that hinders their daily life will understand the magnitude of perseverance it takes daily to just want to survive. I appreciate this story the most because it gives a…

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  • Elisa & Marcela

    Elisa & Marcela


    Elisa & Marcela, is really a beautifully done black and white film by Isabel Coixet based on the true story about the love between two woman, and actually the first same-sex marriage in Spain. I simply adored how Isabel captured the atmosphere throughout the film and in my opinion has stunning cinematography. Just the amount that these woman had to go through in this film to stay with each other, and just how it feels to be in love - it…

  • On Golden Pond

    On Golden Pond


    "you old poop" -- lines I live for when Katharine Hepburn says them.

    I absolutely loved this film, it made me laugh, made me teary. What I enjoyed the most about this film that resonates with so many people is the relationship between Henry Fonda's and Katharine Hepburn's character. This is a type of love that anyone would be lucky to have. Not only does this film touch on human connections between spouses growing old together but also between a…