Midsommar ★★★★★

ok for those who know me this was the movie ive been expecting the most to watch this year. actually pbb never was as hyped to watch a film like i was to MIDSOMMAR (since the 1st day Aster announced he was coming up with a new horror - this incredible hallucinating /mind-fucking movie i literally almost felt like i was watching a Gaspar Noé movie at times). i mean ive been talking about this movie a lot and i didnt even watch it till today. my letterboxd user is midzommar for fucks sake. and i knew it wouldn't disappoint me at all
now ive no clue how to actually write reviews and shit. but imma try my best
went to this with high (HIGH)) expectations. but it wasnt what i was expecting at all. i have no clue what i was expecting. i dont know if i was expecting more or expecting less. but definitely wasnt expecting something like this lol.
i felt kinda.. happy(?) during most of the movie. felt like i belong there. like Ari Aster pls bitch wherever u wanna take me - i'll go.
cant compare this with HEREDITARY . that one was so dark..the whole movie was really fucking dark. this one looks like it's a bright ass movie till it aint no more. then it's just sun and flowers and a waking nightmare. there were scenes that truly shocked, unsettled and disturbed me. way more than on HEREDITARY.
anyway, it's a kinda slow paced movie that went incredibly fast to me. perfect cinematography - it is really beautiful -, direction, writing and every single performance was outstanding. specially, obviously, Florence. oh my god how i love this woman. it was also a funny ass movie at times.
Ari Aster did it again. he's got a disturbed ass mind but we love him like that.
i watched this movie over an hour ago. been laughing, crying and starring at the ceiling lost in my thoughts since i finished it. lost in my thoughts but i didnt really think of anything much. i mean.... im still processing it. it was a lot. it's a lot to digest
what a ride. fuck

[havent watched the directors cut version of the movie yet, pbb will do by the end of the week]

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