Big Trouble in Little China

Big Trouble in Little China ★★★★

While this didn't quite click with me like it has in the past it's still classic John Carpenter and another great role for the always dependable Kurt Russell. It's interesting how it basically takes a muscular tough guy who you would expect to be the action hero (and probably thinks he is) and have him ultimately have little impact on the end result. This features what is probably one of Carpenter's most underrated scores. Some of the villains in this HAD to be an influence on Mortal Kombat. James Hong is interesting as the dreaded Lo Pan, but also super cheesy at the same time. There are some pretty impressive effects and sets such as the underground halls lined with statutes. Is that furry thing in any way related to Chewbacca?? After changing things up for Starman this is back feeling like a Carpenter film. If you're up for a funny and entertaining action/adventure/fantasy/horror/comedy/martial arts film then Big Trouble in Little China should do the trick.

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