Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★

After another stupidly long recap we are introduced to a new group of victims for Mr. Voorhees complete with gimmicky 3D moments. The cast here is super forgettable with the exception of Shelly (Larry Zerner) who is annoying, but also somebody you can actually sympathize with. Plus, he's partly responsible for Jason wearing his iconic hockey mask. We don't watch Friday the 13th movies for their stories, but the one here is especially non-existent as said forgettable characters get hunted down while doing nothing much of interest. The kills aren't particularly violent or memorable and the final girl is pretty lame too, but we get a pretty cool cheesy retro opening and closing theme. Not nearly as good as the first two entries, but it's a slasher and a Friday the 13th movie so it's still entertaining enough.

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