Sharkenstein ★★½

The Frankenstein story has been told a ridiculous amount of times and there's also a zillion cheap shark movies, so what happens when you combine the two?? SHARKENSTEIN!!! Unlike many similar shark flicks this one is at least trying and effects range from truly terrible CGI to cheaply practical. The villain's evil lair is even CGI and it's an absolute eye sore. The angry mob is pretty funny silliness and the lead female wears kitty stockings. It definitely picks up when Sharkenstein exits the water and becomes some walking mutant straight out of a 90's cartoon, and honestly, with a decent budget this has the potential to be pretty awesome. It's pretty cool how they mix in elements of the Frankenstein story into this. The locations are also decent and there's some good underwater footage that is possibly stock footage. Certainly not a good movie by any stretch, but for the right viewer this could actually end up being a blast.

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