Upgrade ★★★½

After a mugging leaves a man paralyzed and his wife dead he is approached by his inventor friend who wants to experiment on him with his technology named STEM. With this implant he is not only able to walk again, but also gives him incredible strength. With the help of the artificial intelligence inside his mind he is able to track down those who wronged him for some sweet revenge.

Upgrade feels a lot like an update on several familiar sci-fi films such as Robocop and its believable technology reminded of Minority Report upon its release. Just like the Tom Cruise movie there are some silly things though such as arm bullets and killer breath that seem a lot less believable. Logan Marshall-Green is a solid lead and his physical acting effectively shows a man losing control of his body. The action is pretty violent and entertaining. It's nice to see a film like this done on a decent sized budget for once, but it unfortunately doesn't do much new or overly memorable.

Director/Producer/Writer Leigh Whannell also felt the need to add in one of his unnecessary twists at the end. Overall, I definitely enjoyed Upgrade, I guess I had just hoped it would be a little bit better, but for those that enjoy these types of films definitely don't hesitate to check this one out, it's certainly worthwhile.

Additional notes: I don't understand the ridiculous release strategy behind this movie. Here in Canada it's literally not, nor ever has to my knowledge, been available on a paid streaming service or available to rent. All streaming is purchase only and the DVD/Blu-ray has never really dropped in price. While I do blind buy some movies, not all of us want to pay $25 on a movie we've never seen. If these companies want us to support their films and not illegally download them then please make them readily available.

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