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  • David Byrne's American Utopia

    David Byrne's American Utopia


    This was the last live show I saw and I miss watching concerts so much. Spike Lee really captured something with this one. Amazing visualization of the show! Way different from just seeing it from one angle on the balcony lol this will be something I’ll end up putting on with subtitles and sing along to every now and then!

  • Bad Hair

    Bad Hair


    Sadako is shaking. For a movie about a killer weave, this is probably the best you’re gonna get. A lot of fun!

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  • Sid & Aya: Not a Love Story

    Sid & Aya: Not a Love Story


    This movie is a testament to how you can do a Pinoy rom-com formula and still offer something new and unexpected. I mean it goes in directions you wouldn't think it would and yes, it's still grounded in reality.

    The dynamic between the two leads is great because you're never really rooting for them and just waiting for them to self-destruct. (Or maybe that's just how I saw it? Lol) Aya's no-fucks-given attitude (or facade?) is super refreshing. And while…

  • BuyBust



    Manic and claustrophobic and anxiety inducing madness. The earlier scenes with the full squad were a little harder to follow but the action becomes tighter and better with each scene culminating in a single take that gave me sustained goosebumps. There are even scenes that play better than some horror movies. That final showdown was so well shot and staged. It’s not an exaggeration when I say I’ve never seen anything like this come out of the Philippines! I seriously hope it makes all the money.