Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★★

Wtf? Why are movies even this good. I mean, THIS and The Tale Of The Princess Kaguya in a row? Crazy shit. Anyways........holy fuck this movie is beyond spectacular. I know that I tend to exaggerate sometimes and call movies better than they are, but I'm not this time. This film is too good for me to put into words. Like, I genuinely might have to rewatch Whiplash to see if that or this movie deserves the title of my favorite movie. I consider this film flawless. I can't find a single thing wrong with it. I finished it at it midnight, and I asked my parents if I could see it again. Obviously they said no, but if I could, I would've seen it again. I was genuinely wondering if I could make it to sleep without thinking all night about this film. Everything from the acting, the characters, the writing, the editing, the cinematography, the themes, the humor. Damn it, EVERYTHING! I was not bored for a single moment and this may be one of the most special films I've ever seen. I'll put it below Whiplash on my favorites for now, and I'll review it more in depth soon.

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